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ANNEX VIII : [PART-DTO] - Declared Training Organisation ( Easy Access )

DTO.GEN.115 Declaration - Regulation (EU) 2020/359

  1. Prior to providing any of the training specified in point DTO.GEN.110, an organisation intending to provide such training shall submit a declaration to the competent authority. The declaration shall contain at least the following information:
    1. the name of the DTO;
    2. contact details of the DTO's principal place of business and, where applicable, the contact details of the aerodromes and the operating sites of the DTO;
    3. names and contact details of the following persons:
      1. the representative of the DTO;
      2. the head of training of the DTO; and
      3. all deputy heads of training, if required by point DTO.GEN.250(b)(1);
    4. the type of training, as specified in point DTO.GEN.110, provided at each aerodrome and/or operating site;
    5. a list of all aircraft and FSTDs to be used for the training, if applicable;
    6. the date of intended commencement of the training;
    7. a statement confirming that the DTO has developed a safety policy and will apply that policy during all training activities covered by the declaration, in accordance with point DTO.GEN.210(a)(1)(ii);
    8. a statement that confirms that the DTO complies and will, during all training activities covered by the declaration, continue to comply with the essential requirements set out in Annex IV to Regulation (EU) 2018/1139, with the requirements of Annex I (Part-FCL) and Annex VIII (Part-DTO) to this Regulation and with the requirements of Annex III (Part-BFCL) to Commission Regulation (EU) 2018/395 and Annex III (Part-SFCL) to Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1976.
  2. The declaration, and any subsequent changes thereto, shall be made using the form contained in Appendix 1.
  3. A DTO shall, together with the declaration, submit to the competent authority the training programme or programmes, which it uses or intends to use to provide the training, as well as its application for approval of the training programme or programmes where such approval is required in accordance with point DTO.GEN.230(c).
  4. By derogation from point (c), an organisation which holds an approval issued in accordance with Subpart ATO of Annex VII (Part-ORA) may, together with the declaration, only submit the reference to the already approved training manual or manuals.

GM1 DTO.GEN.115(a) Declaration - ED Decision 2018/009/R


The DTO should submit the declaration (Appendix 1 to Part-DTO), and any attachment(s) thereto, in a manner established by the competent authority.

GM2 DTO.GEN.115(a) Declaration - ED Decision 2018/009/R


It is the responsibility of the DTO to successfully submit the declaration to the competent authority. If the DTO does not receive the acknowledgement of receipt of the declaration from the competent authority pursuant to point ARA.DTO.100 within a reasonable period of time following the submission of the declaration, the DTO should contact the competent authority to investigate whether the submission of the declaration has been successful.

AMC1 DTO.GEN.115(a)(2) Declaration - ED Decision 2018/009/R


Except for DTOs that provide training for balloons, the list of aerodromes and operating sites on the declaration should contain at least those aerodromes and operating sites where the DTO, either permanently or temporarily (e.g. for training camps), conducts its training activities, where its training aircraft are based and where it has its facilities, as required by Part-DTO.

Aerodromes and operating sites that solely serve as destinations for cross-country training flights do not need to be listed on the declaration.

AMC1 DTO.GEN.115(a)(5) Declaration - ED Decision 2018/009/R


  1. The list on the declaration of aircraft used by the DTO should contain at least the models used for training (e.g. Cessna 152, Piper PA 28, Robinson R22, etc.). It is not necessary to list on the declaration each individual aircraft with its registration mark.
  2. The list on the declaration of FSTDs used by the DTO should contain the references to the FTSD qualification certificates.

AMC1 DTO.GEN.115(c) Declaration - ED Decision 2018/009/R


Except for training programmes for examiner standardisation or refresher courses, a DTO may include in the declaration only a reference to a training programme if this training programme:

  1. has already been verified for Part-FCL compliance by the competent authority; or
  2. has been developed by the competent authority as a standard training programme, if applicable.

DTO.GEN.116 Notification of changes and cessation of training activities - Regulation (EU) 2018/1119

A DTO shall notify the competent authority without undue delay of the following:

  1. any changes to the information contained in the declaration specified in point DTO.GEN.115(a) and to the training programme or programmes or the approved training manual or manuals referred to in points DTO.GEN.115(c) and (d) respectively;
  2. the cessation of some or all training activities covered by the declaration.

DTO.GEN.135 Termination of entitlement to provide training - Regulation (EU) 2018/1119

A DTO shall no longer be entitled to provide some or all of the training specified in its declaration on the basis of that declaration, where one of the following occurs:

  1. the DTO has notified the competent authority of the cessation of some or all of the training activities covered by the declaration in accordance with point DTO.GEN.116(b);
  2. the DTO has not provided the training for more than 36 consecutive months.

DTO.GEN.140 Access - Regulation (EU) 2018/1119

For the purpose of determining whether a DTO is acting in compliance with its declaration, the DTO shall grant access at any time to any facility, aircraft, document, records, data, procedures or any other material relevant to its training activities covered by the declaration, to any person authorised by the competent authority.

DTO.GEN.150 Findings - Regulation (EU) 2018/1119

After the competent authority has communicated a finding to a DTO in accordance with point ARA.GEN.350(da)(1), the DTO shall take the following steps within the time period determined by the competent authority:

  1. identify the root cause of the non-compliance;
  2. take the necessary corrective action to terminate the non-compliance and, where relevant, remedy the consequences thereof;
  3. inform the competent authority about the corrective action it has taken.

DTO.GEN.155 Reaction to a safety problem - Regulation (EU) 2018/1119

As a reaction to a safety problem, a DTO shall implement:

  1. the safety measures mandated by the competent authority in accordance with point ARA.GEN.135(c);
  2. the relevant mandatory safety information issued by the Agency, including airworthiness directives.