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ANNEX VIII : [PART-DTO] - Declared Training Organisation ( Easy Access )

DTO.GEN.215 Facility requirements - Regulation (EU) 2018/1119

A DTO shall have facilities in place allowing the performance and management of all its activities in accordance with the essential requirements of Annex III to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 and with the requirements of this Annex (Part-DTO).

AMC1 DTO.GEN.215 Facility requirements - ED Decision 2018/009/R

  1. The facilities of a DTO should comprise:
    1. flight planning facilities providing access to at least:
      1. appropriate and current aviation maps and charts;
      2. current aeronautical information service (AIS) information;
      3. current meteorological information;
      4. communications to air traffic control (ATC) (if applicable);
      5. any other flight-safety-related material;
    2. adequate briefing facilities of sufficient size and number;
    3. suitable office(s) to allow flight instructors to write reports on students, complete records and other related documentation, as appropriate;
    4. suitable rest areas for instructors and students, where appropriate to the training task;
    5. in the case of DTOs that provide training for BPL or LAPL(B) only, the flight operations accommodation listed in (a)(1) to (a)(4) may be replaced by other suitable facilities when operating outside aerodromes.
  2. The following facilities for theoretical knowledge instruction should be available:
    1. adequate classroom accommodation for the current student population;
    2. suitable demonstration equipment to support the theoretical knowledge instruction;
    3. suitable office(s) for the instructional personnel.

DTO.GEN.220 Record-keeping - Regulation (EU) 2018/1119

  1. A DTO shall keep for each individual student the following records throughout the training course and for three years after completion of the last training session:
    1. details of ground, flight and simulated flight training;
    2. information on individual progress;
    3. information on the licences and associated ratings relevant to the training provided, including expiry dates of ratings and medical certificates.
  2. A DTO shall keep the report on the annual internal review and the activity report referred to in point DTO.GEN.270(a) and (b) respectively for three years from the date at which the DTO established those reports.
  3. A DTO shall keep its training programme for three years from the date at which it provided the last training course in accordance with that programme.
  4. A DTO shall, in accordance with the applicable law on the protection of personal data, store the records referred to in point (a) in a manner that ensures protection by appropriate tools and protocols and take the necessary measures to restrict the access to those records to persons who are duly authorised to access them.

AMC1 DTO.GEN.220 Record-keeping - ED Decision 2018/009/R

Training records should be kept in a paper or electronic version by the DTO where the candidate is undertaking their training.