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Regulation (EU) No 965/2012 AIROPS : Air Operations
Revision 21, September 2023


NCO.POL.100 Operating limitations – all aircraft - Regulation (EU) 2018/394

  1. During any phase of operation, the loading, the mass and, the centre of gravity (CG) position of the aircraft shall comply with any limitation specified in the AFM or equivalent document.
  2. Placards, listings, instrument markings, or combinations thereof, containing those operating limitations prescribed by the AFM for visual presentation, shall be displayed in the aircraft.

NCO.POL.105 Weighing - Regulation (EU) 2018/1975

  1. The operator shall ensure that the mass and, the CG of the aircraft have been established by actual weighing prior to the initial entry into service of the aircraft. The accumulated effects of modifications and repairs on the mass and balance shall be accounted for and properly documented. Such information shall be made available to the pilot-in-command. The aircraft shall be reweighed if the effect of modifications on the mass and balance is not accurately known.
  2. The weighing shall be accomplished by the manufacturer of the aircraft or by an approved maintenance organisation.

GM1 NCO.POL.105 Weighing - ED Decision 2018/003/R


  1. New aircraft that have been weighed at the factory may be placed into operation without reweighing if the mass records and, balance records have been adjusted for alterations or modifications to the aircraft. Aircraft transferred from one EU operator to another EU operator do not have to be weighed prior to use by the receiving operator, unless the mass and balance cannot be accurately established by calculation.
  2. The mass and centre of gravity (CG) position should be revised whenever the cumulative changes to the dry operating mass exceed ± 0.5 % of the maximum landing mass or, for aeroplanes, the cumulative change in CG position exceeds 0.5 % of the mean aerodynamic chord. This may be done by weighing the aircraft or by calculation. If the AFM requires to record changes to mass and CG position below these thresholds, or to record changes in any case, and make them known to the pilot-in-command, mass and CG position should be revised accordingly and made known to the pilot-in-command.

NCO.POL.110 Performance – general - Regulation (EU) 800/2013

The pilot-in-command shall only operate the aircraft if the performance is adequate to comply with the applicable rules of the air and any other restrictions applicable to the flight, the airspace or the aerodromes or operating sites used, taking into account the charting accuracy of any charts and maps used.