Eole Air Passion

SERA - Annexes

SECTION 3 General rules and collision avoidance

Chapter 3 Signals

SERA.3301 General - Regulation (EU) 923/2012

  1. Upon observing or receiving any of the signals given in Appendix 1, aircraft shall take such action as may be required by the interpretation of the signal given in that Appendix.
  2. The signals of Appendix 1 shall, when used, have the meaning indicated therein. They shall be used only for the purpose indicated and no other signals likely to be confused with them shall be used.
  3. A signalman/marshaller shall be responsible for providing standard marshalling signals to aircraft in a clear and precise manner using the signals shown in Appendix 1.
  4. Only persons trained, qualified and approved as required by the relevant Union or national legislation shall carry out the functions of a signalman/marshaller.
  5. The signalman/marshaller shall wear a distinctive fluorescent identification vest to allow the flight crew to identify that he or she is the person responsible for the marshalling operation.
  6. Daylight-fluorescent wands, table-tennis bats or gloves shall be used for all signalling by all participating ground staff during daylight hours. Illuminated wands shall be used at night or in low visibility.