Eole Air Passion

SERA - Annexes

SECTION 10 Alerting service

SERA.10001 Application - Regulation (EU) 2016/1185

  1. Alerting service shall be provided by the air traffic services units:
    1. for all aircraft provided with air traffic control service;
    2. in so far as practicable, to all other aircraft having filed a flight plan or otherwise known to the air traffic services; and
    3. to any aircraft known or believed to be the subject of unlawful interference.
  2. Unless otherwise prescribed by the competent authority, aircraft equipped with suitable two-way radio-communications shall report during the period 20 to 40 minutes following the time of the last contact, whatever the purpose of such contact, merely to indicate that the flight is progressing according to plan, such report to comprise identification of the aircraft and the words ‘Operations normal’.
  3. The ‘Operations normal’ message shall be transmitted air-ground to an appropriate ATS unit.

GM1 SERA.10001(b) Application - ED Decision 2016/023/R

The absence of an ‘operations normal’ message does not constitute a situation of urgency. In the absence of such a report, ATS should endeavour to contact the aircraft on available frequencies. A failure to contact the aircraft could lead to any type of measure including the declaration of ‘uncertainty phase’.

FRA.10001 Mise en oeuvre

Mise en œuvre

Sauf sur certains itinéraires ou dans certaines zones précisés dans la publication d’information aéronautique, tous les aéronefs dotés d’un moyen approprié de communications radio bilatérales et qui ont déposé un plan de vol transmettent un compte-rendu conformément aux dispositions SERA.10001 b).Le message “vol normal” (“Operations normal”) est transmis sur les voies air-sol à un organisme ATS approprié.

SERA.10005 Information to aircraft operating in the vicinity of an aircraft in a state of emergency - Regulation (EU) No 923/2012

  1. When it has been established by an air traffic services unit that an aircraft is in a state of emergency, other aircraft known to be in the vicinity of the aircraft involved shall, except as provided in (b), be informed of the nature of the emergency as soon as practicable.
  2. When an air traffic services unit knows or believes that an aircraft is being subjected to unlawful interference, no reference shall be made in ATS air-ground communications to the nature of the emergency unless it has first been referred to in communications from the aircraft involved and it is certain that such reference will not aggravate the situation.

FRA.10010 Repérage sur carte de la position de l’aéronef en difficulté

Disposition supplémentaire

Lorsqu’on estime que l’état d’urgence existe, la route suivie par l’aéronef en difficulté est tracée sur une carte, de manière à déterminer la position future probable de l’aéronef et son rayon d’action maximal à partir de sa dernière position signalée. Les routes des autres aéronefs signalés dans le voisinage de l’aéronef en difficulté sont également portées sur la carte, de manière à déterminer leur position ultérieure probable et leur rayon d’action maximal.

Selon les moyens de surveillance disponibles, des dispositions équivalentes peuvent être prises.